iMRS 2000 Models: iMRS Complete, Wellfit, and Professional iMRS2000 PEMF Devices

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iMRS Product Features


New features of iMRS 2000

New control unit is 45% smaller than the MRS2000

Brand new and unique "Natural Skin Surface"

Pearlized white finish with lighted blue digital display

Easy touch membrane buttons

Secure digital or SD card slot for easy upgrades and married to the serial number of the unit. These will change out for different application like iSLRS, and other functions

Automatic organ clock which follows clock that keeps time in the control panel.(also can be overridden if necessary) Currently can choose from 3 languages (English, French and German) others available soon.

Programmable presets for 3 users or settings for pillow, probe and mat

Three "models" available:
iMRS 2000 wellfit = MRS 2000 Home
iMRS 2000 complete = MRS 2000 MED
iMRS 2000 professional (NEW)

Units are also now upgradable

New iMRS 2000 Professional

Comes with iGuide card preprogramed with 250 conditions and setting for the pillow, probe and pad

Available only to healthcare professionals with license and reps for demonstration purposes

Includes iGuide (Library of Conditions with settings)

New features of components:

Full body pad and pillow are new "cool grey" color

The full body pad is slightly narrower, and thicker, and has seams at folds

All applicators can be plugged in any location and machine will recognize

If there is any malfunction of an applicator the control panel will recognize and alert you to it.

The new probe is anodized steel and 4.5 times stronger then the current probe up to 300 microtesla vs the previous 70 microtesla.

imrs 2000

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