17 Reasons Why the iMRS 2000 is the #1 PEMF Device

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17 Reasons Why the iMRS 2000 is the #1 PEMF Device

iMRS 2000 Review - 17 Reasons why the iMRS is the #1 PEMF

Reason #1 - Earth and Proven Frequencies

Image The iMRS 2000 is one of the few full-body mat PEMF device that primarily uses the frequencies of the Earth.

The Earth-based 0-50 Hz frequency range is also the most proven frequency range based on research. The Schumann Resonance, with harmonics, is roughly 7.83 Hz up to 45 Hz. The geomagnetic frequencies start in the very low sub-hertz, and then tie in very nicely up to the Schumann Resonance.


Schumann on Right, Geomagnetic On Left.


The iMRS 2000 with the four settings goes all the way to cover the entire spectrum of Earth-based frequencies.

Chart shown demonstrates that this frequency range is not only the most natural, but has the most research to back it up.


Here is a frequent question we get: Does the iMRS 2000 cover 0-30 Hz (and beyond) even though the listed frequencies are .5 (night), 3 (evening), 5.5 (noon) and 15Hz (morning)?

The answer is YES! The iMRS 2000 covers this range very nicely.
The iMRS 2000 does go higher frequencies due to the harmonics of the pure tightly wound copper coils and the nature of electromagnetic waves (and anything that gives a pure vibration (tuning forks , etc.). Plus the sawtooth waveform has many more bundles of frequencies embedded within the signal itself.

Frequency Resonances and Harmonics

Carrier Frequencies in full body mat are .5, 3, 5.5 and 15Hz.

A fundamental principle of physics is that each frequency transmitted has higher harmonics (as do musical instruments and tuning forks).

So to spell it out


.5 NIGHT ----> .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 , etc....
3.0 Evening ---> 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.....
5.5 Noon ----> 5.5, 11, 16.5, 22, etc....
15 Morning ----> 15, 30, 45, 60, etc.....

So with these harmonics the iMRS 2000 covers 0-50 Hz and then some up to the MHz even (as coherent higher harmonics of earth frequencies).

What this means is ALL the frequencies are covered in Every session. This makes it much easier AND more effective than systems where you can or need to program in specific frequencies (which is VERY limiting).


[Short Video] PROOF that 0-50 Hz is the Ideal Frequencies for Healing!




Reason #2 - Circadian Rhythm


Image The iMRS 2000 has a built-in biorhythm clock using the broadcasting frequencies of .5, 3, 5.5 and 15 Hz. This is great because it gives you the right frequency for the time of day.

For example, in the morning you’re getting primarily around 15 Hz, which is a healthy Beta brain-state frequency. This helps to wake you up and energize you so you can be more alert in the morning and early part of the day (to get work done and to be mentally sharp and alert.

In the evening programs it uses primarily more of the Delta/Theta frequencies (.5 Hz and 3Hz respectively), which helps you to wind down, relax and get ready for sleep. So, it’s very in tune with your biorhythm, and what you need for the time of day.



Reason #3 - Perfect Intensity (and low setting for sensitive)

The iMRS 2000 uses safe yet strong-enough intensities. The iMRS 2000 has an ideal range from the nano-Tesla, for the people who are really sensitive, up to even 300 micro-Tesla on the new probe. So it’s great for both sensitive people, and for localized pain relief that needs a little higher intensity.


Image These intensities are always in the range deemed safe by different governing agencies, like the ICNIRP, DIN and other worldwide organizations that set safety levels for intensity. So, you’ve got a good, strong-enough intensity that’s still safe. I also like that it’s a graduated intensity, so you’re getting a higher intensity toward the feet and a lower intensity toward the head. The head and neck are more sensitive.

The ICNIRP is a world-wide authority on safety related to electromagnetic energy. The EU and FDA both rely on their findings. ICNIRP = INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON NON‐IONIZING RADIATION PROTECTION.

Image According to the ICNIRP, the limiting values for safety of time varying PEMF are dependent on both the frequency (usually measured in Hz) and the flux density (or Intensity - measured in microtesla). With Frequencies 0-25 Hz, up to 5000uT is safe But if frequency above 25 Hz, than anything over 5uT is problematic (that’s weaker than earth’s magnetic field). See PAGE 511 – table 7 for reference.

Again the key is frequency resonance, not intensity, so it's best to avoid high intensity machines unless under direct supervisor of a healthcare professional trained in using these devices.

[Short Video] - The Myth of High Intensity PEMF and Why It's Dangerous

Carrier Frequencies in full body mat are .5, 3, 5.5 and 15Hz.

A fundamental principle of physics is that each frequency transmitted has higher harmonics (as do musical instruments and tuning forks).

So to spell it out


.5 NIGHT ----> .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 , etc....
3.0 Evening ---> 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.....
5.5 Noon ----> 5.5, 11, 16.5, 22, etc....
15 Morning ----> 15, 30, 45, 60, etc.....

So with these harmonics the iMRS 2000 covers 0-50 Hz and then some up to the MHz even (as coherent higher harmonics of earth frequencies).

What this means is ALL the frequencies are covered in Every session. This makes it much easier AND more effective than systems where you can or need to program in specific frequencies (which is VERY limiting).


[Short Video] PROOF that 0-50 Hz is the Ideal Frequencies for Healing!




[Short Video] - The Big Lie Of The PEMF Community - High Intensity Companies Use the WRONG Equation to Justify High Intensity. Video Proof In 2 Videos Below.




Short Video Demo Proof - the iMRS 2000 has PLENTY of intensity to go through the body and a couple feet above! This is a Big Lie of High Intensity PEMF Companies that use the wrong equation.




Reason #4 - Sawtooth


Image The iMRS 2000 PEMF system uses the proven saw tooth waveform which provides the cells with a full-frequency spectrum simultaneously that will resonate with different tissues. As Siskin & Walker and others have shown, different tissues in the body respond to different frequencies, primarily within the 0-50 Hz range. When you use a saw tooth and the harmonics of a saw tooth you are getting a broader frequency spectrum.

The great advantage of the sawtooth pulse in comparison with the individual sine pulse for the resonant effect lies precisely in this increased supply of oscillations. Also, a sawtooth waveform provides the maximum impulse or action potential across the cell membrane, which will boost the voltage of the cell (to improve the sodium potassium pump and recharge the TMP). According to Liboff the therapeutic value of a given pulsed signal is highly dependent on how rapidly the rise and fall time happens (Rosch 2004).

The rapid rise and fall time represents a high peak voltage value that is responsible for ion displacement in the body and recharging cellular voltage. Greater ion displacement exerts a stronger biological effect. The quintessence of the 20 years of magnetic field research is found in this waveform shape for PEMF therapy.

VERY IMPORTANT - The sawtooth waveform has a history going back to the 1970's The sawtooth waveform was first introduced in 1974 by Bassett. Dr Bassett observed that a rapid rise and fall time induces the maximum current in a treated tissue as with the sawtooth. In his research it was the piezoelectric current induced which accelerated bone healing. As a result of Bassett's work, this waveform has been FDA approved in the USA for the treatment of non-union fractures and to aid in spinal fusion operations.

***Liboff AR. Signal Shapes in Electromagnetic Therapies: A Primer. Bioelectromagnetic Medicine. 2004, Rosch PJ and Markov MS, editors, page 32.



[NEW RESEARCH] Brain Oscillations Are a Sawtooth


Scott R. Cole1,* and Bradley Voytek1,2,3,4


Oscillations are a prevalent feature of brain recordings. They are believed to play key roles in neural communication and computation. Current analysis methods for studying neural oscillations often implicitly assume that the oscillations are sinusoidal. While these approaches have proven fruitful, we show here that there are numerous instances in which neural oscillations are more like a sawtooth waveform. We highlight approaches to characterize sawtooth features and account for them in traditional spectral analysis. Instead of being a nuisance, we discuss how these sawtooth wave features may provide crucial and so far overlooked physiological information related to neural communication, computation, and cognition.






Reason #5 - Squarewave

Image The square wave was the particular waveform that NASA found to be the most effective for healing and regeneration.

In fact, NASA found that lower intensity worked better than higher intensity, and the lower frequencies worked better than the higher frequencies. And the rapid rise and fall sawtooth and squarewave worked better than a sine wave or the more simplistic waveforms that don’t have a rapid rise and fall.


NASA Study


When it comes to research studies, it does not get any better than NASA. Of more than 30,000 research papers and 2000 plus double blind studies on PEMF therapy; none was more thorough and conclusive as the 4 year NASA study lead by Dr. Thomas Goodwin, PhD, on the ability of PEMF to improve the growth and repair of tissues in mammals.

Without getting into technical details of the study, I will summarize and share the main benefits of PEMF therapy that the NASA study conclusively demonstrated as well as the exact type of energy, frequency, intensity and waveform used.

Specifically, NASA used the exact PEMF parameters below:

- Rapid Time Varying Waveform - Specifically the Squarewave (sawtooth also fits this criteria)

- Low Frequency: 10 Hz (close to the frequencies of earth)

- Low Intensity: ~10-200 milligauss (1 - 20 microtesla) which is even less than the strength of the earth’s magnetic field (33 - 66 microtesla).


Additionally NASA found that slowly varying (millisecond pulse, sine wave), non-varying (static magnetic) had little or no effect.

Scientific results were robust. NASA did two sets of experiments.

(See Bottom of Pg 4 OF ACTUAL NASA Study - Pg 10 of Document itself)
(See Bottom of Pg 12 OF ACTUAL NASA Study - Pg 18 of Document itself)


[Short Video] - Why the Sawtooth and Squarewave are the Best 2 Waveforms to Use!




Reason #6 - Pure and Tightly Wound Copper Coils


Image The iMRS 2000 uses tightly-wound pure copper coils. The iMRS 2000 has three pairs of tightly wound coils and this gives you a pure magnetic field. Some of the competitors use basically plastic tubing with copper inside, but they wind it in a way that’s more of an oval and the spacing in between isn’t very tight, so the field lines bleed off and you’re not getting a pure magnetic field. The purest magnetic field is very tightly-wound, circular coils.



Reason #7 - Full Body Mat with Graduated Intensity

Image The iMRS 2000 uses a full-body mat. You definitely want to get a full-body mat PEMF device to tap into the amazing benefits. When Dr. Oz promoted PEMF therapy on TV as one of the greatest breakthroughs for pain relief he was very specific on recommending a full-body mat device. I do agree with that because you want to energize the whole body first, before you go onto to local application with the applicators.

Also, the iMRS 2000 is the only full body mat PEMF system in the world with a graduated intensity - increasing intensity levels from the top to the bottom of the whole body applicator. This feature enables it to perform gentle applications and mimics the natural absorption of the earth magnetic field for human beings.



Reason #8 - The Best Local Applicators (Pillow and Probe)


The iMRS 2000 is the only full body mat PEMF system in the world which features both, scientifically documented and proven wave forms, Sawtooth and Squarewave! It use the NASA proven squarewave on its local applicators, the pillow pad and probe.


Image The Pillow Pad has two large coils and is perfect for local application over a larger area. It is very easy to use and super effective because of the large, tightly wound coils.

The iMRS 2000 Probe has over 100 turns in the copper coils with a ferrous core that maximizes magnetic field flux, strength and penetration depth. Night and Day difference to the B.Spot.

The iMRS 2000 Probe for local application is SO much better, stronger and more effective for local pain relief, healing and regeneration than the Bemer’s Local applicators. Many of our pain relief and healing stories come from this very powerful probe applicator.





Reason #9 - Interactive - HRV (HeartRate Variability) Biofeedback

The iMRS 2000 has a HRV advanced biofeedback system, called the iMORE. The iMRS 2000 is the only PEMF system available in the U.S. with advanced biofeedback.

Image This puts the iMRS 2000 on "auto-pilot” because it automatically adjusts the intensity of the unit based on a heart rate variability biofeedback. The HUGE benefit of this is that the system will select the intensities automatically based on what YOUR body needs. And because everyone and every body is different, this is far superior than relying on rigid set protocols (like what BEMER does for example) that are at best educated guesses as to what the body needs.

It also gives you a unique session every time you use it, further preventing habituation or acclimation to the unit.



Reason #10 - Integrated Light and Sound


The iMRS 2000 is the worlds only PEMF system, which simultaneously allows pulsed magnetic field application AND brainwave entrainment! The iSLRS System expands the iMRS 2000 to the possibility of using specific light, color and sound frequencies to stimulate the brain to increase and optimize the holistic wellness effect during each application.


Image The iMRS 2000 has an integrated light and sound system that helps to further bring the mind to deeper relaxation. It’s like a spa for the mind – it’s a nice addition. The frequencies in the light and sound system are synchronized to the frequencies of the mat, so it’s a nice synergy.

The iSLRS helps to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain for increased relaxation, creativity and overall health while the full body mat recharges and energizes the body. And it is very well documented that meditation and relaxation have extraordinary healing effects.



Reason #11 - iGUIDE Database of over 284 Conditions

Image The iMRS 2000 has an iGuide for practitioners with a Built in Database of 284 health conditions and pre-programmed settings for the full body mat, pillow and probe and all the 4 biorhythm settings (which automatically come up based on time of day). This adds up to OVER 3400 total protocols.

These protocols are based on over 10 years of clinical data and once your purchase we can send you an ebook to substantiate all these protocols.

Image Module


This helps practitioners (and customers) to get the exact settings they need for most common health conditions. So all the research proven protocols are at the tip of your finger.



[Short Video] - Video Below Shows a Quick Scrolling List of All the Conditions in the iGUIDE!





Reason #12 - Changes Polarity - Less Likely To Acclimate or Habituate (Neural Accommodation)


The iMRS 2000 reverses polarity every two minutes. This is important because your body will acclimate or become adjusted to a signal.


Image What this means is that the benefits you get with the iMRS 2000 will not decrease or wane over time. There is no need to take time off with the iMRS 2000 or cycle it like 5 days on, two off, etc.

For those reasons the iMRS 2000 will give you better, safer & more effective long term results over time with no diminishing returns even if you use it every day.







Reason #13 - No Electrosmog - iMRS 2000 is one of the Cleanest and Greenest PEMF devices!


The iMRS minimizes “electro-smog” exposure. The power adapter that plugs into the wall will filter out the unhealthy 60 Hz AC current, and convert it to DC at the wall.






Reason #14 - Training And Support from iMRS2000.com


Work Directly 1 on 1 with Author Bryant Meyers if you order from iMRS2000.com.

Plus 3 iMRS2000.com Exclusive Bonuses

1) Free Hardcover Copy of My Book
2) Free Energy Medicine Course and Lifetime Membership (www.energymedicine.com).
​3) Free Copy of NEW Energy Medicine Book When Released!



Reason #15 - Established Company and 3 Year Warranty

Image The iMRS 2000 product family is manufactured and for sale since 1996 and continuously developed since then. Since the Mid 1990's the iMRS 2000 and the previous MRS 2000 have been world-wide leaders in PEMF therapy.

The recent iMRS 2000 represents the 5th generation and is to date the most sold PEMF system for home use in the world. There’s literally hundreds of thousands of case studies in both the German clinics and since then to really validate the effectiveness of the MRS 2000 (now the iMRS). The iMRS 2000 has a standard three-year warranty which is extendable to five years.


Reason #16 - Full Compliance FDA Registered and Health Canada Approved, and Leading Safety Certificates.


The iMRS 2000 system fulfills all legal requirements in regards to product safety, product usability and is officially certified as a medical device in Europe, USA and Canada!

The iMRS 2000 has leading safety and quality certificates, including but not limited to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EEC 93/42 certification, CE/CB product safety certificates, and ISO 14791 risk management, among others. So it’s very well accredited.




The iMRS 2000 has FDA registration and it’s soon to be one of the few PEMF devices approved by Health Canada.

All the Certificates are at the Bottom Footer of This Website. Click on Any Link to See Documented Proof!!



Reason #17 - Research and Validation - Whole Video

• New - Largest PEMF Testimonial Database
• Over 114 Video Testimonials
• Over 800 Written Testimonials including hundreds of Clinical Case Studies
• Whole Book based on 10 years of Clinical Data in a Clinical Setting with HUNDREDS of clinical Case Studies.
• 5 Published Research Studies
• Dozens of Live Blood before and After
• Infrared Thermography Studies
• EIS studies
• GDV Studies
• Research Done By Psy-Tek Institute
• Featured In the American Chiropractor



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