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IMRS 2000 Animal Testimonial- Abby the Dog Avoids a $3000 Surgery!

MRS 2000 and Shipping Fever (Very Powerful!)

Cushing Disease Horse Testimonial - VERY POWERFUL

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Dog Brain Tumor

My champion golden retriever ce®rtified therapy dog, Autumn, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is 12.5 years old and had progressed to mini-seizures which left her confused, slightly dizzy and sometimes losing her balance and stumbling. There were days when she would have shaking and ‘petit-mals’ 12 times in an hour. We had done all we knew how to do with alternative care since the tumor was inoperable. I ws faced with a difficult decision to per her down as our family didn’t want our wonderful girl to suffer. We knew the tumor was growing and what would eventually happen. I had placed her on the MRS 2000+ designo® mat at low settings as soon as I got my own mat. Incredibly, I started seeing less and less seizures and finally when I saw none for a whole week, I know that this was not happenstance or ‘luck’, but that being on the MRS 2000+ designo® mat had shrunken or eliminated the brain tumor completely. It has been 8 weeks, and my old girl now acts and looks like a 2 year-old. She is back at work with personal therapy visits. She hasn’t felt this good for years!

~Autumn -- Charlotte, North Carolina

Horses Prevented From Being Euthanized

I had heard some stories about the mat being used on horses. After several phone calls, I contacted two individuals who raise and/or train horses and animals on farms for a living. I receive a DVD documenting several stories of how this product has been used not only to improve injuries or illness in horses, but also as a preventative measure for healthy horses. Two stories related a sequence of events wherein the mat actually prevented the owners from putting these two horses down since all other attempts to resolve the horses’ health issues had proven unsuccessful.

~Horses – General/Various

Horse Repaired Head Injury With MRS 2000+designo© and EnerPuls®

Last January, on a Wednesday morning, Myla Yahraus from Las Vegas NV found her horse, Sundance standing in a corner with three significant head wounds. Bone had actually sloughed off from her forehead wound. Blood was being expelled from her ears and nose. The vet was summoned immediately. Sundance was suffering from a traumatic head injury. Swelling of the brain caused pressure on the optic nerves which resulted in blindness. Apparently, Sundance during the night, caught her head in the fence, panicked and attempted to escape. The vet expressed deep concern as this was a very serious situation. His words to Myla were "blind horses don not do well.” Myla, a 12-month user of the MRS 2000+designo® immediately began applying the MRS 2000+ designo® whole body mat along Sundance’s neck and back for 24 minutes three times daily plus the pad for 16 minutes 3-4 times a day. She followed this protocol until we arrived on Sunday bringing the Enerpuls® Commencing Sunday, the Enerpuls® blanket was used three times per day and the MRS 2000+ designo® pad was applied 3 times a day on Sundance’s head. By Monday, it was evident the mare was seeing shadows. On Thursday, 8 days after the injury occurred, the vet was amazed that her wounds were 10 days ahead of the typical recovery schedule. The wounds had already granulated! In addition, the vet opened the stall door and Sundance exited the stall through the narrow opening by herself and proceeded down the barn breezeway to where I was standing. It was evident the mare’s vision was intact! Her wounds continued to heal rapidly and within a month, they were fully healed with new hair growth.
Myla is now riding and enjoying a healthy Sundance! Her eyesight is partially limited peripherally but seems to be continually improving.

~Jacque Stevens, MediConsult® Health Technician

Animals Don't Lie - No Placebo Effect

In contrast to people, animals do not fall victim to the so-called "placebo-effect." Animals act unbiased and intuitively. Magnetic-resonance-stimulation has been used to treat animals successfully for many years. The results are often astounding even after short treatment periods. Today horses, dogs, cats and even cows undergo prophylactic treatments with MRS in modern barns. A multitude of clinical studies has proven the effectiveness of MRS for a variety of indications. Apart from our MRS system for small animals, MediConsult® offers a complete system with control unit for horses, a specially designed horse blanket with applicator as well as tendon boots with integrated electrical coils for integrated application and easy handling. The principle of MRS and detailed treatment indications can be found under the menu selection:

Magnetic field strength: max, 120 µT at highest intensityThe manufacturers provide
a guarantee of two years for the control device, and of six months for the accessories
(e.g. applicators, gaiters, blanket, plug power pack, charging device, battery pack, and connection cable),

Pack contents:

Enerpuls (Horse System) Manual - Download in the Link Below

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