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The iMRS 2000 Wellfit is the beginner model of the iMRS 2000 Series. It contains the main applicators (whole body mat and pillow applicator). Optionally the iMRS Wellfit is upgradable with the iMRS 2000 probe applicator. The iMRS 2000 Wellfit is also available with the iSLRS and iMORE 2.0 (iMRS 2000 Wellfit SET).

iMRS 2000 travel applicator

iMRS 2000 travel bag

iMRS 2000 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

iMRS 2000 SD Card upgrades

iMRS 2000 adapter

iMRS 2000 Adapter


Power Plug Input: 100-240 V / 50-60HZ / 700mA, Output: 18V / 1.66A, Certified: CE, EN/EC, UL Class 2

Travel Bag (optional)


The new setup for easy travel, two bags in one, Control unit, power plug, probe applicator and accessories can be stored in a little attachable bag. Bigger bag for whole body mat and pillow. Colors: anthracite/silver

iMRS 2000 SD Cards


12 different versions available, please contact us for more information.

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