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Looking to Purchase a iMRS 2000 PEMF Mat?

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The iMRS 2000 intelligent wellness system is definitely the leader in advanced pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) and biofeedback as well (with the introduction of the new iMORE).

There are 6 different packages to choose from, and the purpose of this article is to help you in your decision making process.

iMRS 2000 Systems

iMRS 2000 Wellfit

iMRS 2000 Complete

iMRS 2000 Professional

iMRS Promo Packages
(includes iMORE and iSLRS - Save up to $488)

iMRS 2000 Wellfit SET

iMRS 2000 Complete SET

iMRS 2000 Professional SET

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In short ALL these systems have the SAME control unit, the same full body mat and the same pillow pad. The only difference is the SD card (software) and the accessories included (Probe, iMORE, iSLRS, iGUIDE).

The basic Wellfit is the most affordable, starting at $3775, but it only comes with control unit, full body mat and pillow pad. The iMRS 2000 Complete adds the new anodized steel probe PLUS a higher intensity, and it would be are #1 recommendation as a starter package. You definitely want and need the probe for any localized pain or issues. The iMRS 2000 professional is for licensed practitioners only and adds the iGUIDE which is a built in database of 250 different health conditions. Plus the iMRS 2000 professional gives you the ability to program 1-60 minutes.

The Promo packages add to the 3 different packages mentioned the iMORE and iSLRS. Our iMRS 2000 Complete promo package is our overall bestseller because you save $388 by bundling all the possible main accessories into one package. That is the iMORE biofeedback and iSLRS light and sound are bundled into a package whereby you save $388.

There are other minor accessories that are NOT included in any of these packages and they must be purchased separately.

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