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Feature Testimonial #1 - A New Lease on Life

I am blown away by the results I've had using the MRS-2000 (aka "the Mat”).

On April 21, 2011, I injured my right foot. Surgery on the foot was delayed for 11 days to allow my Coumadin level to come down. While waiting for surgery, the swelling came down tremendously. Above (middle) is the "pre-op” picture of my foot taken on May 2. The black spot on the top of the foot is a hematoma, bleeding under the skin, the reason for the surgery. Surgery was supposed to be on an out-patient basis, but things didn't go well. I was in the hospital for 4 days.


Of all the physical problems I've had in my 76 years of life (broken foot - basketball, broken leg - ice skating, broken arm - roller skating, broken kneecap - icy stairs, and 6 previous foot surgeries), this latest foot injury was the worst. After surgery, my foot swelled badly with any walking and was dark colored from the lack of circulation. From April 21 until mid-June, I was in horrific pain, and if I had to go farther than the bathroom or kitchen from my bedroom, I had to use a wheelchair. The pain and cabin fever were getting to me.

Even though I was dubious about the efficacy of the Mat, I was so desperate that I decided to give it a try. Greg Larsen instructed me on protocols. I began them on June 14.

My Mat results have been almost unbelievable! Within 5 days of using the Mat and Pillow Pad three times a day, the pain and swelling in my foot were gone! I could again walk, wearing normal shoes. I was, of course, elated! Above (right) is the "post-Mat” picture of my foot

Another medical biggie! I was scheduled for surgery on another body part on July 13, but after a couple of weeks on the Mat I realized my daily symptoms had simply disappeared! I called the surgeon and cancelled that surgery.

Other improvements! Before the Mat and upon awakening, I always had back discom-fort and was bent forward at the waist. All this would go away after being up awhile. After 2 weeks on the Mat, I realized one morning that my back didn’t hurt and my posture was perfect the instant I was out of bed. I'm convinced the Mat has increased my circulation.

Also to my great surprise, I began noticing I was sleeping better and had increased energy and vitality, a new glint in my eyes. I am well aware of the placebo effect. I do not believe my results were placebo-based, because I did not expect them.

Another big life change! For about 6 months, I had been on the waiting list for an apartment in an upscale retirement complex and one had finally become available. With all the limitations I had been experiencing in recent years, accentuated by my foot ordeal, I felt I should live where I had immediate, extensive care services. My friends had been wonderful during everything, but I did not like being dependent on them. Then it hit me. I'm fine! I'm great! I don't need a high care facility. I called and cancelled the apartment on which I was going to put a deposit the following week.

Overall, I feel energized, as thought I were a clock that had run down and was then wound up. I am amazed and overjoyed! I am not exaggerating when I say that the MRS-2000 has changed my life. I feel 10-15 years younger and am now "addicted” to the Mat.

Helen Streaker
Houston, TX


MRS 2000 Feature Testimonial 2 - Sharon's Back Pain **New**


Back in 2006, at age 36, I was working as a personal assistant. My job was defined very broadly, to say the least.

One of my tasks involved taking care of my employer's 80 pound dog with bone cancer in the back L-hip. I had to give the dog injections and IVs. I also had to help the dog outside to eliminate. While the dog's front legs worked fine, his back legs were nearly useless. According-ly, I would put a sling under the dog's hind end, signal him, and he would stand and walk outside with me supporting his hind end via the sling.

As the dog's bed was up against the wall, I had to do the sling thing at a very awkward angle, leaning over sideways. One time, when doing the sling thing and lifting, I heard my R-hip joint "pop" and a "ting" or electric shock went through my lower R-back.

In the 4 years since then, I have averaged level 2-5 pain daily in my low back. I just accepted it, as I was able to tolerate pain well. I gave birth to my daughter without pain killers.

As luck would have it, I met Greg Larsen, a Rep for the MRS-2000, and he suggested I try the Mat for my back pain.

After a day of doing medium physical work, my low back was in level 5 pain and I decided to take Greg up on his offer of a free Mat session. At the end of the session, amazingly, I was pain-free. I remember looking back at the Mat and thinking, slightly in disbelief, what just happened, how is this possible? Regardless, I was still very, very grateful!

Thereafter, 1 session every 2 weeks, if no heavy physical work, has keep me virtually pain-free. I do not understand how this works, but it does work!

Sharon Simien
Petaluma, CA


MRS 2000 Feature Testimonial 3 - A Senor Athlete's Testimonial **New**


I am a Masters’ runner, age 68, specializing in indoor track. At the 2009 USA National Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships in Landover, MD, I ran a 6:04 mile and a 2:45 half-mile. This was good for fourth place in both events.

I missed the 2010 indoor season because of chronic soreness in my hamstrings. Nothing seemed to help permanently—neither chiropractic nor pain relievers. I purchased the MRS 2000+ designo on July 18, 2010 just to experiment, and not specifically for the hamstring problem.

As instructed by Greg Larsen, I started using the Mat gradually until I felt comfortable with 16 minutes. Then I would place the Pillow-Pad on my hamstrings and hips for 16 minutes. I used this protocol twice a day.

Within a week’s time I began noticing an improvement in the hamstring soreness. I also noticed that I was not as tired after my workouts. After a month, the tightness was completely gone. I still experienced some slight hip pain, however, but it was much improved from when I began.

Exactly two months later, on September 18, I ran a 5K race. This was the first time I had competed in 1 ½ years. I ran the 5K in 21:49, which was a good minute faster than I had antici-pated.

Since I have been using the mat I have observed that my running is much smoother and more effortless. This running flow is something I haven’t experienced in years!

I have come to the realization that we do not have to accept all the aches and pains that come with getting older. There are solutions to these problems, and I found that using energy to heal the body with MediConsult MRS 2000+ has worked for me.

Carl W. Landis
1196 Chestershire Place
Pottstown, PA 19465


MRS 2000 Feature Testimonial 4 - Muscular Dystrophy Improvement **New**


Let me tell you about what has been a life-changing discovery and hope-giving miracle for me!

The MRS 2000 is a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology. It is an amazing health maximizing system. Essentially what it does is fully energize and maximize the function of every cell in your body in 8 minutes, laying on a full body mat. There are also a pillow-sized pad and probe for specific areas that need restoration at a higher intensity.

Being diagnosed for 24 years with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (a genetic, degenerative disease with no known cure or treatment), I didn't expect to discern any immediate benefit from a trial session. Wow, was I surprised when after 24 minutes on the mat, I walked so much better and felt stronger. I couldn't believe it! I had to get this technology and see what it could do for me.

I was teetering on the edge of losing major function. I could hardly use my left arm because it had become so weak. Atrophy had progressed to where my shoulder muscles were strained just holding my arm in place. I could hardly get out of a chair or stand up from bending over. I was trying not to shop, cook or drive if at all possible and had just gotten a referral for an adaptive driving evaluation. In just 3 weeks of using the MRS 2000 all of my functions have improved! My physical therapist could tell a difference in my range of motion and the substance of my muscle tissue in just a few days. I am back to what was for me "normal" function in previous years.

My whole family is experiencing surprising results. My husband, Kai, feels 15 years younger and chronic aging problems improved quickly that he had tried many things for. Both my parents are benefiting in various ways. My neighbor, who had Mono for 2 months, used the system 4 times in 2 days and said she hadn't felt better in 2 months as she left for vacation. (She returned to report not having any setback.) .


Feature Testimonial 5 - Liver Cancer Testimonial - Sandy Updegraff on brother Mark

In the beginning of August 2011 Mark was diagnosed with stage 2 liver cancer. In the beginning of August 2012, Mark stated using the iMRS2000 5 days a week. Mark used the mat for 16 minutes for cancer and used the pad over his abdomen for 16 minutes for cancer. Mark started out at the intensity of 100 and slowly worked up to the intensity of 400.
After 2 months Mark said all the pain in his abdomen was gone and he used the mat for 32 minutes a day at the intensity of 400. When Mark started using the iMRS2000 his oxygen level was 92%. Slowly his oxygen level moved up and it is now always 98%.
Mark developed depression and anxiety after a car accident July 5, 2002. Mark had a traumatic brain injury that caused deep depression and great anxiety. It was all gone after using the iMRS2000 for 10 weeks.
All of Mark’s blood tests are improving greatly and the VA has no idea why. The four weeks before Mark’s last blood test, Mark was on the mat once a week and some of his test went backwards. I did not report on test results that were not out of range or have not changed.

Test Prior Date Prior Result 4-17-13 Result Range
T. Bil 12-19-12 1.9 H 1.0 (.2-1.3)
ALT 7-26-12 70 H 41 (13-69)
AST 7-26-12 141 H 69 H (15-46)
ALK Phos 7-26-12 157 H 205 H (38-126)
ALK Phos was 139 H on 12-19-13
Sodium 7-26-12 148 H 139 (137-145)
Glucose 12-19-12 137 H 110 (70-100)
AFP 10-17-12 13.1 H 12.4 H (.0-10.9)
AFP was 9.5 on 2-20-13

AFP is Alpha-fetoprotein a test for liver cancer.

Mark has regained his appetite and has put on 20 pounds.


Review By Author Bryan Rosner


HEARING: For the last decade or so all my friends have said I talk too loud. After I used the device, everyone else sounded normal but my own voice sounded as if I was screaming. I realized that the device normalized my perception of how I sound to myself, thus allowing me to talk quieter or in a more "normal" volume.

NECK PAIN: In 2004 I was the victim of a chiropractor who was also a part time contractor, pot smoker, and just plain idiot. This was before I learned that I need to be in command of my own health, and not to let anyone touch my body unless I trusted them. In any case, this guy jacked up my neck so much that I have neck pain, nerve pain, and numbness almost all the time.

It is so bad that it affects my life and causes some depression every day. I can't turn around and talk to or help my 2-year old in his car seat when I'm driving. Amazingly, after only 2 applications of the MRS 2000, my neck pain was 50% improved following some cracking and popping sounds in the area which provided tremendous relief of symptoms. This amazing feat alone would be enough to sell me on the device, but there are more benefits I noticed.

ENERGY, MENTAL CLARITY, MOOD: Although many of the treatments I used to fight my own case of Lyme disease worked wonders for me and returned me to about 90% health, I've never felt quite the bounce in my step that I did before Lyme disease (watch me talk about getting back that last 10%). The MRS 2000 gave me a herxheimer reaction which to me indicates it is killing bugs (even though I believe I don't have many left in my body). It also provided symptom improvement in my energy, mental clarity, and mood (Lyme sufferers have major mood issues at times). Probably the most compelling thing about this is the fact that, after I got to 90% well, almost nothing I have tried has given me improvement. It seemed relatively easy to go from bedridden to 80% or 90%, but after that, nothing seemed to help. In any case, this device seems to be something that has been missing from my treatment.

The Following is an Excerpt - Read the full Review on the Link Below:


MRS 2000 Helps Legally Blind and Paralyzed Boy Getting His Sight AND Feeling Back! (Garrett and His Mother Pictured Below).


His name is Garrett and with his Mother's permission, we would like to share his inspiring story...

Garrett’s health problems began when he was four years-old and a victim of a terrible car accident that left him paralyzed from his chest down to his toes. After the car accident he had to have a surgery to fuse his spine in the neck area. He had movement of his arms though only feeling on the top part of his arms. From time to time some problems with his skin would develop along the lower part of his arms due to being unable to feel that he had been resting on them in one place for a lengthy period of time.

On August 21, 2008 Garrett had another surgery to fuse his spine around the rib cage area of his back. During that surgery his blood pressure dropped and it affected his optic nerve. After an 11 hour surgery he came out of recovery blind. His world was suddenly filled with darkness.

First MRS 2000 session: Garrett’s body at first became very stiff while trying to lie on the MRS whole body mat. At this time Garrett only had feeling from his head to the top of his chest area of his body. Within minutes his whole body totally relaxed and he was enjoying every minute on the mat. He was wearing the SLRS (Sound and Light Relax System) glasses and headphones. Once he finished his 8 minutes he remarked how he noticed that his vision had improved. He noticed immediately that his vision no longer had holes of darkness. The orange walls in the room were fully covered with the orange color without the holes of darkness.This was very significant for him to be experiencing. Treatment continued using the MRS probe on his feet. He began feeling sensations in various parts of his body as if he was receiving an acupuncture treatment. He left the office feeling very happy.

Second MRS 2000 session: Garrett was happier than ever. He noticed more and more improvements with his vision everyday. He worked with the probe along his arms. Garrett at this point only had feeling on the top part of his arms. He could not feel his elbows or his ring and baby fingers. He began working with the probe and within an hour he was feeling the entire arm as well as his entire upper body to his waist.


Third MRS 2000 session: During this treatment Garrett began receiving sensations throughout his "entire body.” He can in fact feel his toes for the first time in 12 years!!

Both hands had baby fingers that were fixed in a half moon position. He was unable to straighten either finger. At this moment his tendons in his wrist became more flexible allowing a significant improvement in Garrett’s grip to occur. His left and his right eyes are improving everyday. It can be very good for a short period of time and then disappears for the rest of the day but Garrett is very hopeful that it will return one day and become permanent.He can now feel his middle finger on his right hand.

Prior to these MRS sessions he was not able to feel this finger.His whole body is feeling stronger. He has noticed a difference in the way that he can maneuver his wheelchair around the school. He can reposition himself which is something that he has been dependent on his parents to do for him for the past twelve years.He is sleeping through the night at a much deeper level.

As a family they are planning on purchasing their own MRS 2000+ to assist Garrett’s body in making a full recovery from the initial car accident that occurred when he was 4 years old.


MRS 2000+ Designo Credited with Saving Local Basketball Star’s National Championship Season


With all the hoopla surrounding March Madness and the NCAA Basketball tournament it would be easy to overlook the amazing run of a local athlete, Alex Moore-Porter (Lakeside/Seattle), a three-time All-American at Azusa Pacific University in California, who recently won a national championship; with a major assist from an Edmonds company.

Alex’s story is remarkable because it was almost derailed by a significant concussion in her junior season that prevented her from practicing or even studying. With the use of a new innovative technology, called the MRS 2000 Designo, offered by the wellness center, Innovations for Healing, Alex experienced a rapid improvement from her concussion and was soon back on the court and in the classroom.

Her mother, Kathy Moore, was thankful to have anything to help her daughter’s concussion. "As a parent you feel so powerless when your child gets a concussion. Even with a medical background, I know there is very little traditional medicine can do to treat concussion symptoms. This technology gave me an alternative path for my child to achieve wellness.”

Prior to the start of her senior season, Alex suffered from a degenerative knee condition (similar to the injury currently threatening the career of NBA All-Star Brandon Roy) that her doctor felt was so serious that she would not be able to play basketball. With the use of the MRS 2000 Designo, Alex’s knee rapidly improved. "I would not have played in the championship game without this technology. No way.” Basketball observers believe APU would have had a much tougher time winning the national championship without their 3-time All-American. Alex feels lucky; she knows that very few people have even heard about this technology – except for some Olympic athletes and NASA scientists. "I want other people to have the same chance I had so they can reach their dreams, even if they suffer a serious injury. And of course anything that helps with concussions is huge,” added Alex.

Alex and her team went on to win the national championship.


Pancreatic Cancer Healing Story

Thursday October 6, 2011

We just had an amazing incredible wonderful experience.

Carmel is 55+ diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and sent home from the hospital being told that the Chemo Therapy was not working. She had been praying for options since the doctors had no hope. The pain pills were not working. The pain relief options were injections and more serious solutions that did not appeal to her.

She was in serious pain. As she walked into the entry way she was hunched over. Every step was painful. As she moved towards the iMRS Complete she sat down and had a large glass of water with magnesium.

Carmel layed down and started grimancing in pain. Pain tears were in her eyes. Beverly took her through a series of settings starting out on Sensetive and moving up to 10 and 25 for different periods of time. Then she used the Pillow on the abdomin and back for different periods of time. The iMRS session lasted about an hour.

I walked back into the room after they had some time to talk and pray. Carmel had smile on her face! She was moving around like a regular person! She did not have ANY PAIN !!!! She and her daughter picked up the MRS mat and went home with new vitality, life and hope.

We are so grateful that we could be part of this health restoration!

Kai Adler
San Diego, CA


New Testimonial - Fracture To Patella


Three weeks ago I fell down on the ice broke my left knee cap. X-rays taken 10 days after the fall, showed a vertical fracture on the inside of the left patella with the fragment measuring about 1 1/2'” x ½” separated from the main by about 1/8” and displaced down about 1/8”.

For the first 10 days after the fall, I used alternating hot and cold and the MRS matt, pad and probe. I used the highest settings (400) on the pad and probe twice a day for up to ½ hour at a time.

When I finally saw a renowned Taos orthopedic surgeon, 15 days after the fall, he (mistakenly) identified the break as "an old injury” or a bipartite platella that I was born with. Because I was experiencing no significant pain when he examined me, he said that I had not broken my kneecap from the fall but had only bruised my knee and that I could resume skiing in two weeks and did not require any treatment.

A week later, after new x-rays and seeing a chiropractor, specializing in orthopedics and a third opinion I received from a renowned Santa Fe orthopedic surgeon three weeks after the fall confirmed that the facture had occurred as a result of my fall and that I should minimize activity to faciliatate the mending of the platella. I am continuing to use the MRS 2000 because I think this was the reason for the rapid healing and amazing lack of pain and minimal restriction of movement that I experienced.

Charles Lamson
Brain Dynamics Santa Fe


Written Testimonials (Updated)

Osteoporosis and MS

In 2007, I was a patient suffering from Osteoporosis in my hip and lower back area and although the pain subsided in a week of use on the MRS 2000+ designo®, it was 5 months of daily use until I was able to ski and then play golf.

At that time my wife Alma, who has had Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years started using the MRS 2000+ designo® at the sensitive setting and low and behold, she started sleeping through the night and her general health improved and keeps on improving every month. She is faithful to using it once a day. She has now recommended it to friends and people she meets with all kinds of ailments experiencing great success.
Our son Mark (who was in a bad motor car accident in 1987) has had hip pain from time to time especially after a workout or strenuous day of exercise. He has been using his MRS 2000+ designo® for over a year now and has very little or no pain no matter how hard he pushes himself. His health is also improved. We are a MRS 2000+ designo® family for all the reasons we feel that everybody should have one for better health while working with good nutrition, exercise and other fundamental good health practices. Our family would not be without this practical piece of equipment in our homes as we have a reaped the many benefits it has to offer and continue to do so daily.

I joined the marketing group and was certified in Dec 2007. On a part-time basis, I have helped many people enjoy the same benefits as my family are enjoying. I hope to one day be fulltime in the marketing which will enable me to help more of this country and the world’s people. I think every home should have an MRS 2000+ designo®

~Frank J Gallant


Increased Oxygen, Circulation & Lowered Blood Sugar

Working in the natural field of medicine, I was introduced to MRSS 2000+ designo® in June 07. I was very interested in the fact that it was going to increase my oxygen, increase circulation and help with soreness that I had in my body. WOW! It did all that and more! In just a few short weeks, it lowered my blood sugar. It increased my energy levels and helped my thyroid. At the time, I was struggling to maintain proper levels of meds for type 2 diabetes. As I continued to use the MRS 2000 designo®, my blood sugar dropped more and I lowered my medicine.

Today, my blood sugar is maintained with only half the meds and in the morning, it is in the normal range most of the time. I did not sleep well for about 20 yrs. Now, I sleep the whole night and it only took 30 days for this to start to happen. With lots more energy, I have been able to lose weight. With no soreness, I am able to do strengthening exercise. I have introduced the MRS 2000+ designo® to the people of our nation through healing centers. I so want to help our people.

My partner John has found that the MRS 2000+ designo® has taken away the back pain he had for many years after he fell. He is a carpenter and has worked hard all his life. The MRS 2000+ designo® takes the pain away from his knees and hands. There is an amazing difference in his back. Because he is not spending all day fighting pain, he has more energy. What an honor it is to work in a company that is helping people help themselves "8 minutes at a time”. The MRS 2000+designo® is a true blessing in both our lives.

~C. Elaine Young & John Fidler


Chain Saw Accident

I have been a representative with MediConsult® for a year and a half now and the most profound personal experience I have had was when my husband, Rick cut into his leg with a chain saw while cutting wood in our brush. I had to rush him to our local hospital where they cleaned him up and had determined that he had cut into the tendon and into the bone (but not completely through either one). They closed the wound temporarily and then transported him to have emergency surgery to repair the tendon. The surgery lasted about 1 ½ hrs. Everything went well and was a success. He was in the hospital for 2 days before I could bring him home. He came home in a cast and was supposed to be off work for 4 weeks because of the physical nature of his work.

I applied the mat at regular settings twice a day and used the pad continuously under his leg at an intensity of 400. After 2 days, I removed the cast and it’s a good thing that I did because the wound was covered with blood on bandages that were still inside the cast. An infection was starting to spread. He was still in a bit of pain, but nothing that required any medication. The wound healed so quickly that I had him stop using the pad on his leg because the stitches were hard to see anymore.

After 2 weeks, he went to see the surgeon to have his leg x-rayed again and have his stitches removed. The x-ray technician actually came back in the room to confirm with Rich if he had x-rayed the correct leg because he could not see any signs of tendon damage or missing bone. The stitches came out and he was completely healed . Needless to say, his surgeon was quite impressed with Rick’s quick recovery.
~Kelly Post


MS Plus Drop Foot & Fatigue

Patty Shairs, Of Kennebunk, ME was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis seven years ago just prior to her 50th birthday. The MS affects her left leg with drop foot, fatigue and spasticity while the muscle stiffness affects her sleeping and walking. The stiffness was beginning to impact other parts of her body as well. Her chiropractor stated her condition was beginning to deteriorate very quickly. She was walking with a cane and her gait was uncertain and hesitant.

Patty was introduced to the MRS 2000+ designo® by her chiropractor in June 2009 and she initially used the mat once a week for 6 weeks. During that time period, she noticed a slight positive change in her sleeping and energy levels. In August , she purchased the MRS 2000+ designo® and has been using it 3 times a day with very positive results. The core of her body is stronger. She walks much taller and now walks without her cane. Patty is able to perform certain yoga and swimming exercises that she was previously unable to accomplish. The stiffness and spasticity of her muscles has been greatly relieved. She has much more energy and stamina and also notices a much more relaxed sense of being. Her medical support professionals are impressed with the reversal of her symptoms. Patty states, "The MRS 2000+ designo® couldn’t have come at a better time in my life, I am so thankful for this blessing”.

~Jacque Steven


Sleep & Periodontal Challenges

I first learned about the MRS 2000+ designo® from a friend in Colorado who called me to see if I was experiencing any health issues, pain or sleeping challenges.

I had no aches or pains when he called, but I had been battling from poor sleep (about 3 to 3 ½ hours of sleep per night) for about 15 years. He strongly recommended that I purchase this product to which he had recently been introduced because he had heard stories about how regular use of this mat was resulting in improved sleep for several individuals. I purchased the MRS 2000+ designo® and have experienced significantly better sleep after using the mat on a consistent daily basis.

Anxiety and stress have been a "normal” part of my life. I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer in 6th grade and have had recurring ulcer symptoms requiring medication for the past 40 years. The sense of relaxation that I experience during a session on the mat is like nothing I have ever felt in the past. This is quite significant in my life, since I feel calm and "de-stressed” after my sessions on the mat.

In addition, I visit my periodontist regularly, since I have periodontal gum disease and have been a border line surgery patient for the past 5 years.

During one of my visits, I realized that my laser cleaning treatment was not causing the normal pain and discomfort I usually experience throughout the cleaning process. I did not pay much attention to this, but when they measured my "pocket depths” and informed me that one of my worst areas, which had been 8 to 9 millimeter gaps, were not 4 to 5 millimeter gaps, I started asking a few questions. I inquired as to the purpose of the daily teeth cleaning and gum stimulation practices I had been instructed to do by the periodontist in order to prevent the gaps from getting worse. I was told that one of the primary goals was to stimulate the flow of oxygen in my gums. Well, the light bulb "turned on” for me at that point, since the pulsed energy from the mat oxygenates your blood.

I came home from the periodontist and immediately contacted my friend in Colorado, signed up for the next Certification Training class in Denver and flow to Colorado to become a Certified Health Technician. Someone performed two dark field microscopy blood tests on me (before and after using the MRS 2000+ designo®) during my stay in Denver. The difference in my red blood cells after using the mat was my final confirmation that I needed to seriously consider exactly how I would get involved with this business opportunity. After six months of actively working my business, I have achieved the Systems Manager level in the Loyalty Marketing Plan and have experienced numerous amazing results from other family members and other individuals using the MRS 2000+ designo® I have never had so much fun "working” in my life and look forward to many years of sharing the great news about the MRS 2000+ designo® with other in North Carolina, across the United States and around the world! Praise the Lord for bringing the MRS 2000+ designo® into my life.

~Rick Burger


Power Lines Causing EMF Health Challenges

I received a call from Beth Waxhaw’s mom Saturday afternoon, the day before Easter on my cell phone inquiring about renting an MRs 2000+ designo® I told her I would contact her Monday to set up an appointment; however, she asked that even though tomorrow was Easter, could she get a mat today since her daughter was very ill. I told her I would finish our family outing and deliver a mat to her later that afternoon. Upon arriving at her house and setting up the mat, her daughter immediately wanted to lie on the mat. After 16 minutes, she sat up and informed me that the swelling in her body had dramatically been reduced and she inquired about purchasing the mat immediately since she felt so much better. Beth had lived in a house near electrical power lines for many years and her health was rapidly declining. This was one of the few things that she had tried that helped her feel better immediately. Beth ended up renting the mat for 2 weeks to make sure the investment was worthwhile and after 2 weeks she bought 2 mats, one for herself and one for her mother. After placing her order, Beth’s mom pleaded with me to allow her daughter to keep this mat until their mats arrived since she did not know what her daughter would do without the mat in the interim period.

~Beth Waxhaw – North Carolina


Increased Oxygen, Circulation & Lowered Blood Sugar

Working in the natural field of medicine, I was introduced to MRSS 2000+ designo® in June 07. I was very interested in the fact that it was going to increase my oxygen, increase circulation and help with soreness that I had in my body. WOW! It did all that and more! In just a few short weeks, it lowered my blood sugar. It increased my energy levels and helped my thyroid. At the time, I was struggling to maintain proper levels of meds for type 2 diabetes. As I continued to use the MRS 2000 designo®, my blood sugar dropped more and I lowered my medicine.

Today, my blood sugar is maintained with only half the meds and in the morning, it is in the normal range most of the time. I did not sleep well for about 20 yrs. Now, I sleep the whole night and it only took 30 days for this to start to happen. With lots more energy, I have been able to lose weight. With no soreness, I am able to do strengthening exercise. I have introduced the MRS 2000+ designo® to the people of our nation through healing centers. I so want to help our people.

My partner John has found that the MRS 2000+ designo® has taken away the back pain he had for many years after he fell. He is a carpenter and has worked hard all his life. The MRS 2000+ designo® takes the pain away from his knees and hands. There is an amazing difference in his back. Because he is not spending all day fighting pain, he has more energy. What an honor it is to work in a company that is helping people help themselves "8 minutes at a time”. The MRS 2000+designo® is a true blessing in both our lives.

~C. Elaine Young & John Fidler


Bursitis in Shoulder

Angela Weddington had bursitis in her left shoulder and had experienced pain for 9 weeks. She was unable to raise her arm above her shoulder and could not rotate her arm without experiencing a significant amount of pain. Angela tried the mat for the first time by lying on it for 8 minutes and then immediately followed her mat session by placing the pad directly on her shoulder for 8 minutes. After completing her combined 16 minute session using the mat and the pad, she raised her arm above her head, moved it around in circles and rotated it back and forth exclaiming the she felt no pain. Angela subsequently rented the mat for 1 week and invited her mom to try the mat at her house (see Barbara’s story below).

~Angela Weddington – North Carolina


Leg Ligament Injury

Angela’s mom, Marie used the mat for a period of 5 days. She had previously injured her left leg and was told by the doctors that she had ligament damage and the complete rest for her leg for 6 months would be necessary to allow the ligament injury to heal. This injury had occurred approximately 4 months prior to using the mat and Marie had resolved that she would be forced to live with the pain since she is an active grandmother as well as a devoted volunteer in her church. The pain in Marie’s leg subsided a great deal after 2 days of using the mat and the wand. Marie’s pain in her dower leg was completely gone at the end of the 5-day period during which she used the mat and wand on a daily basis.

~Marie -- Charlotte, North Carolina


Fibromyalgia and Lupus

Bea suffers from fibromyalgia and lupus and uses a walking cane as she hobbles along due to her chronic pain. After 1 day on the mat, Bea stopped using her walking cane. Three day later she was able to go up and down stairs with minimal pain. Bea had suffered pain and discomfort from this chronic condition for many years. She immediately rented a mat for one week which turned into 2 weeks which then turned into 4 weeks. About 10 days later, Bea was unable to use the machine one day and her pain and discomfort were beginning to return. She called me to let me know that her pain immediately receded after getting back on the mat the next day. She informed me that this was a blessing in disguise because she then realized the actual benefit of this mat. She was approaching the end of her rental period and she "experimented” once again by not using the mat for two days. The result of her "experiment” was the return of her pain, for which even her pain medications would not provide relief. Bea then used the mat and her pain diminished significantly after her first session. Her pain was completely gone after her second session on the mat the next day.

~Bea – Denver, North Carolina


Back Fusion Surgery and Fibromyalgia

Marilyn has suffered from fibromyalgia for many yhears and recently (prior to using the mat) experienced severe pain, leading to back fusion surgery. She received some immediate pain relief after her surgery, but her back pain started returning a few short months later. Marilyn agreed to give the mat a try for 5 days just prior to departing for a 2 week out of town vacation. After the third day, Marilyn informed me that her pain level was decreasing and her energy was dramatically increasing and she felt better than she had felt in a long time. I arrived the morning of the day they were leaving for vacation to pick up the mat and her husband walked in the room, inquired about the cost of purchasing a mat and asked me if I carried mats in inventory for immediate purchase. He stated that he had not seen his wife feel this good in months. When I informed them that it would take 5 to 7 business days to receive a mat ordered from the company, he stated that it was important for him to allow Marilyn to take a mat on vacation, since it helped her so dramatically. I allowed them to take this mat on vacation and assured them that their new mat would be ready for them after they returned from vacation. While on vacation, Marilyn rode bikes and worked out at the fitness center for the first time in 9 months and felt great.

~Marilyn – Charlotte, North Carolina


Chronic Shoulder Pain

My dad visited our family in North Carolina for one week and during his stay mentioned that he was experiencing shoulder pain. His doctors had informed him that he was beyond rotator cuff surgery; his next step would be shoulder replacement surgery. After my dad’s first time on the mat followed by 16 minutes on the pad, he sat up and commented that the pain was gone from his shoulder. The following morning, he commented that this had been the first night for as long as he could remember that he was not awakened during the night by the pain caused from rolling over on his shoulder. He stated that walking through the airports for his two-legged flight the day he returned home wad substantially less painful that his day of flying from Illinois to North Carolina. The only difference between his two travel days was his use of the mat and pad on the morning of his return flights back to Illinois.

~Ralph—Bloomington, Illinois


Basketball Leg Injury

Tim is a black-belt in martial arts well in tune with his body. When I met Tim , he had tweaked his left leg playing basketball earlier in the week. Tim laid on the mat for 16 minutes for the first time and felt the energy emitted by the mat during his session. Tim stood up immediately after his session and commented that the pain in his leg was completely gone. Time rented the mat for one week for him and his wife to use on a daily basis. Tim’s wife experienced a variety of improvements in her general health during this one week period of using the mat. Tim tracked these health improvements daily, commenting that his wife noted 8 health issues in which she "felt better” after using the mat for one week. Tim is excited to share this mat with others in his personal and professional spheres of influence.

~Tim – Monroe, North Carolina


Fibromyalgia Relief

A local chiropractor used the mat for 3 days in his practice on patients with a variety of injuries, aches, ailments and chronic health conditions. One patient with fibromyalgia suffered from a great deal of pain. She laid on the mat for 16 minutes and felt absolutely nothing. She was visibly disappointed since she was feeling nothing while lying on her back on the mat. She completed her session and sat up. As her legs were swinging while sitting on the table, she commented that there was no pain in her legs as they swung. She stood up. Took a few steps and a wide smile appeared on her face. She turned to me and said that she felt no pain as she walked down the hall. I asked her if her pain had been severe earlier in the day and she commented that she was not sure she was going to be able to walk from her car to the chiroprator’s office due to the severity of her pain just prior to arriving for her appointment. She was amazed.

~Ardich -- Charlotte, North Carolina


Foot Injury

Jack rented the mat for one week for him and his wife. Jack had a recent injury to his foot which caused chronic sharp pain as he walked. Jack used the mat for his overall body and then followed this with the wand specifically for his foot pain. I followed up with Jack after the second day of using the mat and pad . He informed me that the pain in his foot as completely gone. His wife commented that she was also excited about the benefits of using the mat since she experienced much better sleep during the week she used the mat.

~Jack – Charlotte, North Carolina


Neck Pain

Donna had chronic neck pain which required regular visits to the chiropractor and massage therapist to help ease the discomfort. Donna has reduced the frequency of her visits to the chiropractor and massage therapist after using the mat and pad.

~Donna –Charlotte, North Carolina


Knee Pain

Diana had been experiencing significant pain in her knee for almost five years and had tried a variety of remedies, none of which brought relief. After consistent use of the mat and pad, Donna’s knee pain has been dramatically reduced. She also commented that she has been sleeping better at night.

~Diana – Waxhaw, North Carolina


Blood Pressure Stabilized, Arthritis in Knees and Fingers Relieved

After 30 days on the mat, Jim’s blood pressure has dropped from the 140’s (systolic) over the 80’s (diastolic) to about 115/65. Arthritis in his knees has improved markedly---he has not felt the need to wear his leg grace at all since starting on the mat. As for his arthritic fingers, he has no more pain. Plus he can snap his fingers which he had not been able to do in over 5 years. His shoulder arthritis is somewhat improved. The nightly cramps in his feet and calves (possibly due to his statin drugs) are totally gone. His nightly sinus drainage that he has suffered with for years has totally stopped.

~Jim – Freeport, Florida


Bell’s Palsy Paralysis

Tina has suffered with facial paralysis from Bell’s Palsy for 3 years, no longer has any symptoms. After two 16 minute sessions on the mat, her left eyelid no longer droops and she can say words with "B”s and "P”s for the first time in 3 years.

~Tina – Freeport, Florida


Migraine Headaches

I have a lifetime history of migraine headaches. Fortunately, since menopause, they have been far less frequent. Recently, I felt one coming on which I could tell by "the aura” and the usual "lights”. I did as recently told: mat for 8 min. at sensitive, 8 min. with the probe at 200on both carotid arteries, then 8 min. back on the mat at sensitive. After a few minutes on the mat, the aura was gone, the light disappeared and the headache never developed. This was an exciting, unexpected use of the MRS 2000+ designo®

~ Ginny – Freeport, Florida


Celiac and Allergies

Following a celiac disease diagnosis, I was having severe allergy reactions. Last Spring, I started to react in such a drastic way to prescriptions that I was take to ER over 7 times: twice by ambulance with blood pressure 230/180 to the hospital. My blood pressure and difficulty breathing caused severe heart papations and heat all over my bodey. I could not use hair spray or soaps, certain make-up, water, many types of foods, etc. without having an allergic reaction. It was debilitating and frightening. I often had times of feeling like I was passing out and kept my cell phone on me to reach emergency numbers. After 1 week on the MRS 2000+ designo® mat, I felt energy during the day I’d not experienced in a very long time! I purchased it to relieve spinal pain and arthritis. I was amazingly surprised to find that in about 2 weeks, nearly all my allergies were GONE! In reading further, I learned that the mat increases oxidation and slow oxidation is the cause of allergies. My psoriasis has also disappeared. After 8 weeks on the mat, I have also been thrilled to drop 26 pounds! It has just melted off me without any change in diet or exercise.

~Ann -- Charlotte, North Carolina


Multiple Osteochondromatosis

Growing up as a child, my son developed numerous small benign bony lumps along his arms and later along his legs. First, he was misdiagnosed with cartilage growths; but when my son consulted a different physician for the second time in 2008 with knee pains, he was diagnosed with Multiple Osteochondromatosis. He was referred to a specialist who proposed surgery to remove these growths to which we agreed. Half way through surgery, we were informed that one of his ligaments ran through two parallel growths.

In order for the ligament to work properly, both had to be removed. Due to the benign tumors, the ligament was longer and the calf muscle was shorter. After the seemingly successful surgery, my son was not able to lay his foot flat on the ground. He was enrolled in physiotherapy and nothing helped. Nothing until a friend of the family suggested we try out the MRS 2000+ designo® After only 8 minutes on the mat, my sone was able to stand flat on his foot with no pain or resistance. To me and my spouse, this was a miracle. That very same day we purchased the MRS 2000+ designo® and have used it avidly since.

~Chris Markowski


Dr Carrie Wolf, DC raves about results with her patients:

I have been using the MRS 2000+ designo® in my clinic for two years now and have to say it has made the most comprehensive and effective difference for my patients than any other device or technique that I have brought into my practice in the past18 years. I am blessed with the privilege of helping other attain less pain and illness in their lives and I get such a "charge” from this that I can’t get from anything else. I now have a compulsion to help people understand the energetic portion of their body’s function and how important it is in prevention and recovery. I have many testimonials to share, but her are a few of my favorites


Jana, 56 year-old female with chronic knee (patella) issues:

"I have not been able to get up from a chair without using my arms for about 15 years. The pain in my kneecaps was just too great. I have only used the probe about 4 days and I can now get up from a chair without pushing up with my arms! That is so amazing! I can’t believe it, but am very happy about it!”


Tracy, 32 year-old female diagnosed with depression, ADHD, neck pain, headaches, tendonitis/bursitis of the hip.

On 5 medications for depression, ADHD and pain. Tracy used MRS 2000 for 4 weeks/3 times per week. Within the first week her sleep improved, after two weeks, pain began diminishing in all areas. After 12 weeks on MRS 2000+designo®, the patient was taken off all depression medication by her doctor. Her Adderall dose was reduced to 1/3 the original dose. Headaches are gone and pain issues have decreased significantly!


Bill, 70 year-old male. Chief complaint- pain all over body, most significant in upper thighs

Patient was on prescription of 5/100mg Tramadol/day that had gradually been increased in an attempt to control his pain of which all diagnostics could not find origin. The pain was dulled by the medication, but the patient complained he could not function well with this dosage. He was not able to do the things he wanted to do because it made him feel "foggy headed”, tired and sometimes light headed. After 3 weeks at 4 times per week on the MRS 2000+designo® mat and pad applicator, there was no change. But on the 4th week the patient could no longer identify any significant pain. After purchasing a unit and using it daily for an additional 3 months, his doctor was able to gradually decrease his medication to 1-2/50mg dose per day. Now Bill can do the things he wants to do.


Mitch, 16 year-old male with teenage acne

Used probe over his face 8 minutes at 200 and mat 8 minutes at 25. In 4 sessions, he noticed a significant improvement in skin with teenage acne.


Joe, 73 year-old male—18 months of diarrhea

Source not found through exhaustive testing, resolved in six days with MRS 2000+designo® 3 times per day, mat 8 minutes at 10, pillow over abdomen 24 minutes at 10, pillow over abdomen 24 minutes at 50.


Mary, 88 year old diabetic with hip (trochanteric) bursitis

Mary, 88 year old diabetic with hip (trochanteric) bursitis of 6 months and 2 rounds of PT and two cortisone shots. She used the MRS 2000+designo® 2 times, mat 8 min at 25, probe 16 minutes at 200 and the bursitis was resolved.


Dog Brain Tumor

My champion golden retriever ce®rtified therapy dog, Autumn, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is 12.5 years old and had progressed to mini-seizures which left her confused, slightly dizzy and sometimes losing her balance and stumbling. There were days when she would have shaking and ‘petit-mals’ 12 times in an hour. We had done all we knew how to do with alternative care since the tumor was inoperable. I ws faced with a difficult decision to per her down as our family didn’t want our wonderful girl to suffer. We knew the tumor was growing and what would eventually happen. I had placed her on the MRS 2000+ designo® mat at low settings as soon as I got my own mat. Incredibly, I started seeing less and less seizures and finally when I saw none for a whole week, I know that this was not happenstance or ‘luck’, but that being on the MRS 2000+ designo® mat had shrunken or eliminated the brain tumor completely. It has been 8 weeks, and my old girl now acts and looks like a 2 year-old. She is back at work with personal therapy visits. She hasn’t felt this good for years!

~Autumn -- Charlotte, North Carolina


Dog Leg Injury

Buddy is our dog who is 10 years old. Buddy was a rescue dog. He is a Springer spaniel /Australian shepherd mix. Buddy came limping down the stairs on three legs one day as we came waking into the house unable to put any weight on one of his front legs. I had been using the mat for about a year and had heard some stories about animals lying on the mat. I turned to my wife and said before we call the vet, let’s put Buddy on the mat to see what happens. My wife stayed with Buddy on the mat during his initial 16 minute session. Buddy got up from the mat still limping but we resolved to try it again the next day. We all departed the house the following day and my wife arrived home around lunchtime. Buddy usually runs to greet my wife every time she walks through the door, but this day there was no Buddy coming to greet her. She thought—oh great!--- something is seriously wrong with Buddy and started to call out for him. She searched and searched and finally found Buddy lying on the mat (without any power turned on). He seemed to be saying, give me more! After one more session on the mat, Buddy got up and was walking without a limp. After about a week, Buddy’s limp returned and we put him back on the mat twice a day for 7 days. My wife no longer had to lay by his side and Buddy typically fell asleep before the end of each session on the mat. His limp went away once again after the second day, but we continued the mat sessions for another 5days. It is not several months later and buddy’s limp has never returned.

~Buddy – Matthews, North Carolina


Horses Prevented From Being Euthanized

I had heard some stories about the mat being used on horses. After several phone calls, I contacted two individuals who raise and/or train horses and animals on farms for a living. I receive a DVD documenting several stories of how this product has been used not only to improve injuries or illness in horses, but also as a preventative measure for healthy horses. Two stories related a sequence of events wherein the mat actually prevented the owners from putting these two horses down since all other attempts to resolve the horses’ health issues had proven unsuccessful.

~Horses – General/Various


Horse Repaired Head Injury With MRS 2000+designo© and EnerPuls®

Last January, on a Wednesday morning, Myla Yahraus from Las Vegas NV found her horse, Sundance standing in a corner with three significant head wounds. Bone had actually sloughed off from her forehead wound. Blood was being expelled from her ears and nose. The vet was summoned immediately. Sundance was suffering from a traumatic head injury. Swelling of the brain caused pressure on the optic nerves which resulted in blindness. Apparently, Sundance during the night, caught her head in the fence, panicked and attempted to escape. The vet expressed deep concern as this was a very serious situation. His words to Myla were "blind horses don not do well.” Myla, a 12-month user of the MRS 2000+designo® immediately began applying the MRS 2000+ designo® whole body mat along Sundance’s neck and back for 24 minutes three times daily plus the pad for 16 minutes 3-4 times a day. She followed this protocol until we arrived on Sunday bringing the Enerpuls® Commencing Sunday, the Enerpuls® blanket was used three times per day and the MRS 2000+ designo® pad was applied 3 times a day on Sundance’s head. By Monday, it was evident the mare was seeing shadows. On Thursday, 8 days after the injury occurred, the vet was amazed that her wounds were 10 days ahead of the typical recovery schedule. The wounds had already granulated! In addition, the vet opened the stall door and Sundance exited the stall through the narrow opening by herself and proceeded down the barn breezeway to where I was standing. It was evident the mare’s vision was intact! Her wounds continued to heal rapidly and within a month, they were fully healed with new hair growth.

Myla is now riding and enjoying a healthy Sundance! Her eyesight is partially limited peripherally but seems to be continually improving.

~Jacque Stevens, MediConsult® Health Technician


More Written Testimonials

"A surgeon told me they had done everything possible and the only thing left was back surgery…I did not want to have back surgery! Through CSP’s efforts and willingness to get me back to being a totally well person, I will not have to face the possibility of back surgery!

"I also have Blepharospasm in my eyes. Instead of getting the Botox Injections that were recommended I chose to take some pills. During the first time on the MRS 2000 my eyes felt so different, I could not believe it. I have not had to take any pills for at least three months now. I believe this is just an added benefit from the MRS 2000, because I sure didn’t think it would help my eyes, I was just coming for help with my back and leg. The MRS 2000 is just a miracle worker!”

–Jacque M.

Skip and Joanne, Oregon

My first experience was to loosen my tennis elbow condition in 10 minutes using the probe. Joanne picked up some noticeable extra energy and walked around Edmonds twice looking for a coffee stand and then walked around the block while we were waiting
for dinner.


Diana, Oregon

Hi Bryant, I am really enjoying my MRS2000 Designo that I ordered through you....I think it is one of the best investments I've made. Thank you for your research.


Ralph Leitner

"Hi Bryant, I've started an energy healing business,"SILENT JOURNEY" is the name. I'm collaborating with a lady who reads auras, makes life-charts, etc. The MRS 2000+ will be my primary, but I also have a couple certificates in Thai Massage, will teach Qi Gong, and I have the Chi (swing machine). I've demonstrated the MRS 2000+ to a couple of Reike practitioners and they were totally blown away by the output of the device. They were also amazed by the energy/heat emenating from the volunteers I worked the magic on. I've also used the device on my mom. She loves the warm sensation she feels when doing a session. It helps with her osteoperosis and arthritis, in releiving the pain."


Robert Rude

Hi Bryant, I’ve been using the MRS2000 for about a month or so and I’m experiencing a significant improvement in my energy levels!


Sheree Kirchner

"When I'm on the mat, I'm really amazed at how much better I feel." "I sleep really well and I don't have the irritability. I haven't had the hot flashes."


Allan Green

"I'm a whole lot more limber than I've been in years. I have all the strength to do whatever I need to do."


Judi Peer

"The relief was incredible. My elbow hurt ALL THE TIME. The relief was so good -- there is no pain. I went for 2 treatments and I was totally amazed."


Jean Cunningham

"After one treatment with the MRS 2000 I slept on my shoulder for the first time in months! I couldn't believe it!"


Paul McCorkell

"I have hip arthritis. For years I've had stiffness and pain that restricted my activity and made it hard to walk, especially after sitting for long periods. My wife and I purchased the MRS 2000 and use it every day. The results are incredible! The stiffness is gone. I can do everything I want to do. And best of all, I have no more hip pain!"


Nancy Stanton

My quality of life has drastically improved with the MRS. I have tackled setting up a wireless home computer network and media center. I am actually able to read complex material and understand it and my memory has improved. Physically, I haven't needed a massage in months, my sinuses have cleared up and my spring allergies are almost nonexistent. I love having more energy.


Margarita had a Level 8.5 pain in her lower right torso (felt like a pulled muscle) that started at 11am at work. After getting home, about 5 pm, she first used the MRS Mat for 16 minutes, then the Pillow Pad for 16 minutes, all to no avail. Next, we started the 16 minute timer on the Wand. After about 13 minutes, the pain was still the same. Since we had been at this over 45 minutes, we discussed stopping but decided to let the 16 minute timer on the Wand run down to zero. With about 1-1/2 minutes to go, M looked at me with this weird look of surprise that I had never before seen on her face and she said, "The pain is gone!" I said, "No way, are you kidding me?" She said, "There was a sort of a pop feeling, and the pain went to less than 1 instantly". By the next day, the pain had pretty much gone away totally. Moral of the story
Don't Give Up! (6-17-09)


Cynthia Wright

I sold a MRS 2000 to a family for their 17 year daughter to help with her extreme acne. They had been working with a skin doctor on the problem for a year. She was on Tetracycline,antibiotics and birth control for the problem. She started to use the MRS 2000 reluctantly,,but quickly began using it regularly. After 4 weeks she is off all the meds and her skin is completely cleared.


Longer Testimonials

Musings From Maui

May 6th, 2009

True story: A friend of mine took his MRS 2000 to Hawaii, where diabetes is rampant. My friend used his MRS 2000 with another friend who was scheduled for amputation of one leg below the knee. This friend had diabetes and had already lost 4 toes to amputation. After using the local pad applicator of the MRS 2000 aggressively for a week the surgeon noted increased vascularity and cancelled the surgery.

Here’s an interesting article that sheds some light on the story:

Callaghan, M. J., E. I. Chang, et al. (2008). "Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerate normal and diabetic wound healing by increasing endogenous FGF-2 release." Plast Reconstr Surg 121(1): 130-41.
BACKGROUND: Chronic wounds, particularly in diabetics, result in significant morbidity and mortality and have a profound economic impact. The authors demonstrate that pulsed electromagnetic fields significantly improve both diabetic and normal wound healing in 66 mice through up-regulation of fibroblast growth factor (FGF)-2 and are able to prevent tissue necrosis in diabetic tissue after an ischemic insult. METHODS: Db/db and C57BL6 mice were wounded and exposed to pulsed electromagnetic fields. Gross closure, cell proliferation, and vascularity were assessed. Cultured medium from human umbilical vein endothelial cells exposed to pulsed electromagnetic fields was analyzed for FGF-2 and applied topically to wounds. Skin flaps were created on streptozocin-induced diabetic mice and exposed to pulsed electromagnetic fields. Percentage necrosis, oxygen tension, and vascularity were determined. RESULTS: Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerated wound closure in diabetic and normal mice. Cell proliferation and CD31 density were significantly increased in pulsed electromagnetic field-treated groups. Cultured medium from human umbilical vein endothelial cells in pulsed electromagnetic fields exhibited a three-fold increase in FGF-2, which facilitated healing when applied to wounds. Skin on diabetic mice exposed to pulsed electromagnetic fields did not exhibit tissue necrosis and demonstrated oxygen tensions and vascularity comparable to those in normal animals. CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrates that pulsed electromagnetic fields are able to accelerate wound healing under diabetic and normal conditions by up-regulation of FGF-2-mediated angiogenesis. They also prevented tissue necrosis in response to a standardized ischemic insult, suggesting that noninvasive angiogenic stimulation by pulsed electromagnetic fields may be useful to prevent ulcer formation, necrosis, and amputation in diabetic patients.


Accident Prone Cured

I just provided three MRS 2000 sessions to a man who has had 23 car accidents in his life. The last accident he had was on his motorcycle 4 years ago. M.R. of Kitchener broke 33 bones in his body. He has been on strong pain medication and has had no relief for 4 years-until today! He is suing his insurance company because the have tried to dump him and treat him with contempt. He has had no help for the last year from a pain clinic and no resources to deal with the problem. Within minutes of his first treatment he felt cool (8 minutes, sensitive setting whole body mat). I told him that was a great sign. Next, 8 minutes on level 25, now he felt warm and relaxed and his head felt different where he had brain damage and was in a coma. Next 24 minutes on back and hips-200 level pillow -no problems, pain gone. Next 24 minutes pillow on shoulder -pain gone. Now he only felt bad where he didn’t put the pillow so we placed pillow on leg with steel bar –feeling far better. Felt light, took a long pee twice, standing tall and strong and noticing difference. He left the first day with spring in step a smile on face and hope for the future. Second treatment felt even better and now he wanted to serious share the product with other people in his life and asked for information to hand out to 20 people who knew and cared for including medical doctors and chiropractors in his own family. He distributed 20 flyers on MRS door to door for me, knocking on each door and telling his story to anyone who was home. By the third treatment he decided he needed to rent the mat for one month and use it every day to see the cumulative results. He said after the second treatment he had a lot of crying which was a release from his body of stored up emotion and pain. He knows it is a good thing. He waited 3 weeks before he accepted the offer for free MRS 2000 demos with pain levels of 13 on a scale of 10 some days. MRS-spells relief! His prayer now is that one day he continue working as a Registered Massage Therapist again. We are believing that anything is possible when you body has the essential ingredients to heal.


Gangrene Testimonial

May 18th, 2009. One individual just saved his leg from gangrene, who had complications from diabetes. One of our contacts phoned him Saturday to help him- only to find out he declared he did not need the help because he was "cured". It turns out he bought an MRS 2000 from another representative over a thousand miles away a month earlier without my contacts knowledge. We were about to have Dr. Carmichael speak to him on the phone as he had an individual with the same response-who saved his foot with diabetes related complications. What a small world we live in. This man had all the money in the world, but poor health until he used the MRS 2000. This episode also shows us that that you should not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.


Skiing Accident

May 15th, 2009 P.M. from Toronto just had her cast removed on a foot she badly fractured skiing about April 1st. We predicted that her recovery would be much quicker than normal after regular MRS usage. Actually I went out on a limb and suggested 7-8 weeks would probably be required for her to put weight back on her broken foot versus the 12 weeks minimum expected. Indeed the intern was amazed how quickly her bone healed. She was able to put weight on the foot after 7 weeks versus the 12 week minimum which is normal and it was 90% healed. Scientific studies on magnetic resonance stimulation have demonstrated similar enhanced recuperative effects on bone fractures. Apply the technology with faith and consistency and expect good results.Dr. Carmichael indicated you can use the probe laid down on the problem area and you do not need to only use the point-this will enable us to use it much more often when you can fasten it with clothes or wraps of some kind. P.M. in Toronto will now be able to enjoy a holiday snorkeling, walking on the beach and scuba diving as a result of her body’s fast healing response. That was the goal she had and now she will reach it. She is about 50 years of age and has been getting younger, lost weight, cellulite, and feels great on the MRS 2000 and is now using the new Titanium Skin Dream. Perhaps she will meet Frankie and Annette on the beach and share the secrets of youthing with them. How many people would love to get better as they get older?


The Don Ayers Story (Very Inspiring Story)

When Brad Hunsaker first talked to me about PEMF technology and health, I was intrigued. I had spent some time working with Chuck Wallach, Jerry Anderson and Panos Papps and the Pap-IMI machine in 2002; I knew very well how effectively the body can heal in the proper setting.

Then, Brad called with mutual friend Kevin Small; we talked at length about their experiences with the MRS2000. Both suggested I visit either coast (where they live) to check out the technology, to see if I could find some relief.

Mostly because of a pending talk by Joel Carmichael and a scheduled training on using the MRS2000, I decided to go to California. I stayed at Brad’s place. My health intention was to experience the MRS2000 and see if I could find relief for two main concerns: tinnitus and an inflamed achilles tendon.

The ringing in my ears has been a life-long situation. However, over the last 20 years the noise reached levels that can wake me at night, affect my thinking and finally reached the point where I now wear hearing aids to introduce white noise which counters the ringing and allow me to hear voices more clearly.

I ‘did something’ to my achilles tendon 10 years ago, at age 51. I was quite active and to alleviate the situation, I stopped exercising. After 3-4 months, the swelling and pain went away.

Last fall, the pain and swelling in my ankle came back and kept increasing –again without any cause or injury. This time, though, the pain was continous even while lying down. The swelling got to the point where my ankle had no skin wrinkles on the tendon and the size was easily 3 times normal. Tender to the touch, it hurt so much I found myself limping and wondering if I’d need a cane soon.

I used the MRS2000 2-3 times a day for the ringing and the tendon inflammation. Within 3 days, the swelling of the tendon was down 50%, with those wrinkles appearing again. I still had some pain, but sporadic —not constant— and much less than when I began the sessions.

The ringing was more of a subtle change. Over the course of my stay at Brad’s, I found myself having conversations with him without my hearing aids in, without watch his lips as he spoke. Very exciting!

Other surprising things also happened; I notice changes in my immune system, sinuses and surgical scar damage.

My energy levels have decreased over the last 15 years as a result of Epstein-Barr Virus (an immune system disorder with chronic fatigue-like symptoms). When I would do my work —corporate training— I mustered the energy to do the 4-5 days of work, and then would collapse, needing 6-10 days to recover. Although I know this will take time on the MRS2000, I already am recovering in far less time, which is a blessing!

Sinus drainage has lessened significantly, including the "clearing the lungs/throat stuff" in the AM. such a nice surprise.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve had 7 joint surgeries on knees, shoulders and an ankle. The scar from an anterior cruciate ligament repair left me with no feeling on one side of the scar. That area was calloused, rough and a whitish color. Four or five days after returning home, I noticed I was rubbing off the old skin. New, pink skin was underneath and I could feel it! Wow! The surgeon had told me that the nerve endings sometimes grew back, but if they didn’t "show up" with a year, they never would. The surgery was in 1992!

So, the big three things I learned in my 12-day MRS2000 adventure:

1. Permanent relief for the compromising effects of our modern-world lifestyles is not just possible, but probable;

2. The body’s ability to heal never ends, if we give the body what is needed to energize the process;

3. The body’s intelligence rules. I might know what I want to be better, but my body decided the order and priority of using this energy source to revitalize my natural healing functions.

Thank you Brad and Kevin! I’m a walking testimonial to the power of magnetic resonance stimulation and the MRS2000!

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